PPE Pro Field Mask

Bunker PPE Field Masks are designed to provide unmatched comfort for long-duration wear. Independently adjustable ear and neck straps eliminate pressure points and strain, while propriety textile filtering layers provide a pleasant, high-flow breathing experience and sustain the highest levels of protection. Built from the most durable materials, these masks are built to last.

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Functional Protection
in a Sleek Package

Double layers of high-flow Polygiene® antimicrobial fabric provide moisture-wicking and quick-dry performance. A polyamide-nylon fused middle fabric layer lends structure to the mask and acts as an additional germ barrier. An inner layer of copper-impregnatedfabric provides even greater protection, eliminating COVID-19 and other germs on contact. Replaceable PM 2.5 filters serve as a final line of defense, effectively filtering the smallest particles and droplets out.


3 Point

The quick-connect magnetic clasp makes the masks easy to attach/detach to the neck. This 3 point securement system, paired with the adjustable sliding reliefs, not only relieves stress to the ears but also allows operators to remove the face covering without detaching it from the body for comfort during prolonged use.


Nose Band

The formable metal nose band fit with silicone backing allows for reliable fit and comfortably stays on the face when talking or doing other daily activities. No need to frequently adjust like other mask designs. 


5 Layer

Using a series of Polygiene fabrics, coupled with copper impregnated and non-woven polypropylene fused with co-polyamide provides market-leading protection from dust, germs, and other harmful contaminants.



Easily replace the PM2.5 filters using the convenient filter pocket. After filter removal, simply wash the mask, up to 75+ cycles.  

Product Specs

  • Included Filters:  3 PM2.5 filter
  • Weight: 32g (1.12 oz.)

  • Materials: Polygiene antimicrobial fabric, polyamide-nylon fabric, copper-impregnated fabric, non-woven polypropylene fabric, magnetic clasp, aircraft-grade aluminum slides.
Know Your Options

Field Masks

PPE Field Mask PRO
  • Layers of Filtration: 5
  • Nose Stay Exterior with comfort silicone backing
  • Ear Loops Adjustable with Magnetic Clasp
PPE Field Mask
  • Layers of Filtration: 4
  • Nose Stay Internal
  • Ear Loops Fixed