New Bunker Supply Co. Extender Kit for goTenna Optimizes In-Field Equipment with Maximized Signal Enhancement and Rugged Protection

Today Bunker Supply Co announces the Range Extender Case developed specifically for goTenna mesh networking radios.

The Range Extender Case (REC) is a multipurpose platform tailor-made for goTenna’s industry-leading Pro and ProX mesh network radio devices. It simultaneously creates a universal mounting solution, enhances effective signal range, and provides additional protection in the unforgiving environments goTenna devices often see. Affording additional carry usability, situational awareness capabilities, and device durability, REC is a solution every user can benefit from.

The need for REC was user-driven, born through goTenna customer feedback. Agencies and response teams who had been using the Pro and ProX mesh radios on a daily basis identified several needs for improved performance in the field: efficient and secure mounting, increased durability, and extended geographic mesh network range. Through collaboration with goTenna, the Bunker design and production teams developed a product that achieves all three of these asks, increasing the efficacy and reliability of goTenna’s products in the field.

“goTenna is proud of this partnership with Bunker because together, our products are fully capable of responding to the needs of first responders, disaster responders, law enforcement, and military service members, to make their jobs more efficient and successful. The hardware, software, and gear are mission-ready to take on all deployment terrains and disaster-affected environments.”

— Daniela Perdomo, CEO of goTenna.

Bunker’s partnership with goTenna has enabled new optimization of the customer’s in-field equipment experience. Having been successfully deployed to over 350 customers throughout the United States and across every branch of the U.S. military, goTenna has made an impact from remote border regions to natural disaster response efforts. In 2018, goTenna Pro devices were issued for search and rescue missions in response to Hurricane Michael in Florida and Texas, as well as the Camp Fire in Northern California. Bunker’s successful development and production of REC will serve to further enhance the situational awareness and communication feasibility for in-field personnel, for existing goTenna customers and future ones, in untold situations and events to come.